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African Pouched RatKali aged 6 weeks
Kali's vital statistics
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Species: African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)



5 April

Getting Ambaa and Jaali out at the same time is having an effect on both Rats.

On the plus side Ambaa is loosing some of her shyness around people. She is much happier to be picked up and once she’s been out for a while she will even approach me and give me a good sniff.

However Jaali is getting a rougher when he plays with me. He isn’t being as careful about how hard he bites and he is chewing my fingers more than he used too. Luckily he will calm down quickly if I tell him off.

13 April

Ambaa corners Jaali

Jaali and Ambaa had a long playtime together today. Ambaa was very active and was obviously having a good time running and jumping everywhere. Jaali, as usual, was keeping a good distance away. He was also playing but was keeping an eye on Ambaa and making sure she didn’t get too close. They both seemed quite relaxed.

Ambaa was aware that Jaali was there and she picked up his scent and started to follow him about. Jaali retreated to a dining chair and climbed right up onto the back. Ambaa has never followed him up onto a chair before but this time she did. Jaali wasn’t happy.

Ambaa was on the seat of the chair trying to climb up onto the back to join Jaali. Jaali was perched on the back of the chair trying to push her down and screaming at the top of his voice, poor chap.

I don’t think Ambaa would have harmed him but he was so upset that I came to his rescue and he ran up my arm and onto my shoulder.

To show his appreciation of the rescue Jaali weed all over me! He soon got over the shock as was playing agin a few minutes later.

29 April

Ambaa becoming top rat

Since Ambaa and Jaali have been having playtime together Ambaa has become much more active.

Ambaa used to be very cautious and wouldn’t start exploring for several minutes. Then at the smallest sound or movement she would run into a corner and hide.

Having Jaali in the same room has made her much bolder. She trots off as soon as she is let out. She is into everything she can find and jumping onto the furniture.

Unfortunately she chases Jaali. He tries to keep out of her way as he is still scared of her. He usually manages to get out of her way by but as soon as she picks up his scent again she runs after him.

She is also getting more used to being handled and is less cautious around people. She is now carried from her house to the rats' playroom. She doesn’t mind being close to people, as long as they stay completely still, and she climbed onto me when she was pursuing Jaali.

Jaali doesn’t think much of Ambaa’s new found confidence. He was happier when she stayed in her corner and didn’t move about much.

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