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African Pouched RatKali aged 6 weeks
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Species: African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)



28 March

My new rats are here. They were delivered this morning. I’m amazed how small they seem against how I remember Kali. They still have their sparse baby fur so their pink skin shows through and their heads and feet look much to big for them.

They seem very nervous which is understandable after the journey and finding themselves in a new place. I opened the box they came in and put it into their house in the hope that when they felt ready they would climb out and investigate their new surroundings. It took them a couple of hours before they were ready to start exploring but they won’t stray too far from the box they came in. In the end I had to gently coax them out of their box so I could remove it. They’ve hidden up in the base of their house and I don’t expect to see much more from them today.

27 March

The deal is done! The rats will be delivered tomorrow. Tonight I have to get Kali’s old house out of the loft and scrub it down and get it set up for the new babies.

26 March

At last, there’s some positive news about my search for Pouched Rat babies. I’ve seen a notice on the Piedipers Ark website advertising Pouched Rat babies for sale at £650.00 per pair.

I’ve just had confirmation from Piedipers Ark that there are several unrelated, eight week old pairs available. This is slightly older than I’d hoped for but the breeder has said that they can be handled and that they have not been nipping at all.

This is too good an offer to miss so I’m going to get a pair.

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