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African Pouched RatKali aged 6 weeks
Kali's vital statistics
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Species: African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)



20 January

Babu is moving around much better now. Even though he’s lost a foot, he has regained more strength and movement. He is more mobile now than he was before the amputation.

The improvement has been gradual but yesterday he took three or four steps using both his back legs without loosing his balance. His legs stayed under him rather than pushing out to one side.

Unfortunately he’s had another go at his tail and made the wound worse. It seems as if his nerve function is continuing to improve, but as it does so he’s experiencing uncomfortable sensations. The tail damage is still quite superficial and he really winces when I put the cream on it so hopefully the pain will stop him making it any worse.

Babu has regained all the weight he’d lost and is now heavier again than Ambaa. They are both over a kilo in weight now.

Babu is 1.10kg
Ambaa in 1.06kg

Their weight chart will be updated soon and will show how they’ve grown in their first year.

15 January

Babu has seemed a bit withdrawn over the last couple of days. He’s still eating well and getting about however when I get him out to give him his medicine and put cream on his sore patch he hunches himself up and doesn’t take much interest in what’s going on. After a few minutes he’ll start eating his food and start moving about, but it takes a while.

Of more concern is the unwanted interest he’s paying in his tail. He’s been worrying it and has removed a small patch of skin! There isn’t much I can do about it except to keep it bandaged and taped up so he can’t get at it.

Ambaa is getting more adventurous every time she comes out to play. We’ve had some very windy weather recently and it seems to make her very excitable. She’s been shinning up table legs, scaling radiators and jumping on and off chairs. She’s even started to explore me and, if I keep very still, she’ll sit on my feet and climb up my legs.

Ambaa has also got used to the routine of coming out to play and going back home again. She lets me pick her up from her house and put her in her carry case before I let her out to run in the hall, stairs and landing. She also goes back into the carry case by herself when playtime is over.

13 January

Babu would like to thank everyone who’s sent get well emails over the past few weeks.

He’s recovering well from the operation and is very bright and alert. He’s developed a couple of sore patched on his tummy. These don’t seem very serious and they are healing slowly but quite well.

1 January

A happy new year from Ambaa and Babu – lets hope its less eventful than 2006

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