Ambaa survives the first 48 hours

Posted on Sunday 20th December 2009 @ 07:26 pm

For most of the first day after the operation to reconstruct her upper intestine Ambaa stayed at the vet hospital. She came home yesterday and she is starting to show some signs of recovery.

Getting her to take her medicines has been very difficult. She wouldn′t voluntarily take her pain killer and after a few hours she was showing signs of real distress. She very nearly had to be taken back to the vets but with some rather forceful handling a syringe full was squirted directly down her throat. This procedure has to be repeated twice a day and a sign of her recovery is that it is getting more difficult each time. As her strength increases she is putting up more of a fight.

On Saturday afternoon she ventured from her nest and had a huge long drink. She was also happy to be hand fed a few mealworms, and even happier to be given a small dish of them to polish off. However she wasn′t interested in any other food and by Saturday evening there were still no signs of any poos.

When she was checked on during the night she was up and about around her house. Most of her climbing toys and the upper level have been removed so she can′t strain herself trying to climb. She finally went to the loo at about 3pm but rather than ordinary rat poos he had a stream of diarrea – very watery and very smelly. 

Sunday morning she had two further dishes of mealworms but again could not be tempted to any other food. Then after refusing a range of tempting nuts and fruit she rummaged in the bottom of her nest and pulled out a palm nut and started to much on that. She didn’t eat much of it but she then found a sunflower seed in her nest and shelled and ate that. It wasn’t much but it was a something. She then slept the rest of the day through to early evening when she had some more mealworms and was observed having a wee.

In the last 48 hours she eaten, had a wee passed some very runny poo however only time will tell if she makes a full recovery.

Posted by Pouched Rats on Sunday 20th December 2009 @ 07:26 pm
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