Food list

This list shows the foods the rats are given and how much they appear to like them.

Unless stated otherwise the they have these foods raw.

Food type Food Comment
Live food Mealworms Best food of all according to the rats
Dry food Parrot mix Fruity bits go down well
  Rodent mix
(Rat mix, Chipmunk mix and Hamster mix)
They only pick out a few bits that they like
  Granary or multi-grain bread They only eats the seeds but they have fun pulling the bread apart to get them
Nuts and seeds Monkey nuts They enjoy being hand fed with these
  Walnuts (whole) They are delighted to get these but then they hardly ever bother to gnaw them open
  Walnuts (pieces) They has these as occasional treats when they are out playing
  Sunflower seeds They like to search for these scattered amongst their bedding
Nut warning
Do not feed hazelnuts Pouched Rats can suffer anaphylactic shock due to an alergic reaction to hazelnuts. This can be fatal
Nut Warning
Only feed a moderate amount of nuts The space between shell and nut can harbor a dangerous fungus, Aspergillus. This can lead to poisoning in Pouched Rats
Vegetables Sweet potato They like to have it peeled and chopped into small cubes
  Beans (any green beans) -
  Calibrese This was a favourite when they younger but they are less keen as they get older
  Carrot They will also eat the carrot tops
  Celery They are only interested in the green tops
  Courgette -
  Cucumber -
  Peas (cooked) These usually go down well
  Potato (cooked) A firm favourite, boiled, roasted or mashed
  Spinach Another favourite
Fruit Apple -
  Banana The number one favourite when they were young
  Mango They were very keen on this initially but less so now
  Orange An occasional favourite
  Pear A favourite especially when very ripe
  Tomato Especially keen on the seeds. They also drink tomato juice as a treat
  Pineapple -
Fruit warning
Feed grapes with caution Some owners believe that grapes have made their Pouched Rats ill due to the toxins on the grape skin

In addittion to these foods the rats eat small amounts of cooked pasta and rice but they prefer the fruit and vegetables.